What is a Verb?

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Verbs are an integral part of the introductory grammar.  A verb is an important part of a speech that expresses anaction or a state of being.  For example  in the sentence  “I read the book” , the word “read” represents an “action” and so is categorized as a verb.

Lets consider another sentence – “I enjoyed the holiday”. Here enjoyment represents my state of being in the holiday I loved (which I really did).

The state of being verbs basically act as linking verbs.  These verbs are a group of words that do not express actions but, like most of the verbs, help in joining the subject of a sentence to it’s predicate.

For example, in the sentence ‘The cupcakes are yummy’ the word “are”  is a linking verb.

Also I should mention, a Verb can either be a single word or a phrase that describes an action, a state or an occurrence. 

It’s also important to note that at times a verb in itself can form a complete and meaningful sentence  - Example ‘Go.’ in itself is a complete sentence.

Some examples of verbs are

  • Physical actions like run, stop, wash
  • A mental action like happy, sad, confused, or;
  • A state of being like were, are or was

Let us see if you can identify the verb in the below mentioned words:

  • Flying
  • Falling
  • Ceiling
  • Crawling
  • Pictures
  • Stop
  • Window
  • Close

Let’s also have some fun with the sentences where you identify the verbs

  • The princess kissed the frog
  • The cat chased the mouse
  • Mummy cooks yummy food
  • Daddy drives the red car

To make your task easy, you can refer to the amazing nounshoun app which will help you identify the parts of speech in the above sentences.

This was just an introduction to the Verbs. It’s a huge family and this particular blog was about the head of the family. In my next blog I will introduce you to the types of verbs.

Till then have fun with ‘nounshoun’.

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