Nouns Verb Prepositions at School

Team nounshoun put up a booth at Global Indian International School, Chinchwad on October 17th, 2015. We got a chance to show our app to over 3000 parents and students. It was a wonderful experience.


We were all dressed up in nounshoun T-Shirts and were talking to people with our branded standee at the back. The nounshoun bookmarks, specially printed for the event, were being handed over to everyone we talked to.

What is a Verb?

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Verbs are an integral part of the introductory grammar.  A verb is an important part of a speech that expresses anaction or a state of being.  For example  in the sentence  “I read the book” , the word “read” represents an “action” and so is categorized as a verb.

Lets consider another sentence – “I enjoyed the holiday”. Here enjoyment represents my state of being in the holiday I loved (which I really did).