Nouns Verb Prepositions at School

Team nounshoun put up a booth at Global Indian International School, Chinchwad on October 17th, 2015. We got a chance to show our app to over 3000 parents and students. It was a wonderful experience.


We were all dressed up in nounshoun T-Shirts and were talking to people with our branded standee at the back. The nounshoun bookmarks, specially printed for the event, were being handed over to everyone we talked to.

The parents loved the idea of a simple, but extremely useful app that can tell nouns, verbs, prepositions instantly and that too for any sentence. We were delighted when a  number of parents download the App right away, at times on all the phones they had. 

People tried to challenge the app with funny sentences like - "Its getting crowded here" and  "Betty butter bought a butter but the butter was bitter so she bought another buttter to better bitter butter". Luckily, all of them worked.


Team nounshoun also ran some on stage events. The funniest (and most loved) was the one in which people had to repeat the word "nounshoun" for as long as they could and as fast a they could. While this activity was targetted towards kids, a few parents got excited as well.


It was a great event and we all are greared up to do a lot more of these promotions in coming weeks.


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