NumaHub is the future of Artificial Intelligence. Our greyware has been at it, solving a series of problems of the real world using AI - education and retail to start with. With a long history of delivering AI projects to other customers, our team has now embarked on a journey to build AI products under the 'NumaHub' banner, and reaching to customers and enterprises directly. It is our own story, young, vibrant and exciting - we do what we love - using NLP and AI and Machine Learning. Our plans are to roll out a series of creative positive disruptions in education and retail, that our users will love - as we work to enhance their experience.

nounshoun reflects what we are good at - Artificial Intelligence and Grammar. nounshoun is the worlds first "Do it Yourself" Grammer App that uses Artificial Intelligence to help anyone learning English identify the Parts of Speech (Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions etc.,) from any sentence.

Why do it yourself? We believe in learning by trying - and when you are trying things, you have a ready-reckoner with you, wherever you are. nounshoun is your anywhere, anytime companion to learn Parts of Speech.

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