From frown to fun!

His favourite subject was English. Why? There was lot to imagine, it created a whole new world for him. The world was beautiful with poetry and stories. He loved Harry Potter. He lived the character. He read them without any wavering, deep into the words, and in the world of Harry Potter. But when he looked at his English marks, he felt ashamed. For such a riveting subject, and his interest, he should have had everything in control. When he stared at his answer papers, it came to him - he liked reading, but interpreting them as 'parts of speech', he did not like. Nobody was there to make him understand and make it perfect. There were examples, but the question papers always surprised him.

He needed practice, and he would want to try different sentences. English Grammar, if he could learn, should be fun. In his class, there are people who went to English Tuitions, but he wanted more of a try and learn guide - a do it yourself app. He looked at his android phone, gifted by his father on his 12th birthday - he realized the answer might be in an app. And in the google store, he found - exactly what he wanted - a do it yourself app, simple, which asked him to try different sentences. And each word of the sentences was broken down into different parts of speech. And when he touched each word, it threw a deeper answer. He began to play around with many sentences. And from a frowning subject, English Grammar had become fun. He was ready - for a tough exam.