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Are you interested in trying out the Best Grammar Apps? While it depends on the use case but if you are looking for a Do it yourself app that can help you in parts of speech identification, we would certainly say you should try the nounshoun - free grammar app. Nounshoun is an Artificial Intelligence - english grammar app that can find Noun, Verb, Preposition etc. in any sentence. Noun, Verb, Prepositions etc. are called Parts of speech and form an integral part of English grammar.

Why is it the best grammar App?

The following reason make it one of the best grammar apps -

  • The Nounshoun English grammr app is simple and easy to use, just enter a sentence and see the Parts of speech right away
  • Nounshoun is a free grammar app – no charges apply. It needs internet connection though.
  • Nounshoun is an English grammar app – the language accepted worldwide.

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How do I use this free grammar App?

For any sentence, nounshoun english grammar app can find parts of speech instantly i.e. It can find nouns in a sentence, it can find verbs in a sentence and other grammar in a sentence. Each lookup divides the sentence into words where the Parts of speech for each word are shown.

What are people saying about the nounshoun english grammar app

Lets see how these testimonials from people who have used this app

“This is the best grammar app I have seen. I constantly use grammar apps but the simplicity make it awesome grammar app”



Anu Pawa, English Teacher



“If you search for best grammar app you end up with apps that teach grammar. Nounshoun lets you find parts of speech rather than teach parts of speech”



Usha Shahstri, Retired Principal



“nounshoun is definitely the best grammar app as it is the world first Do it yourself grammar app ”



Gunja Upadhyaya, School teacher



grammar app apple grammar app android  grammar app amazon

Its the best grammar app for kids

The nounshoun app is great grammar app for kids specially for kids from 9 years to 14 years. During this time, Nouns, Verbs etc are taught to then in school. Having this grammar app will really help children.

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